Zulu and Zephyr

The Australian lifestyle brand Zulu and Zephyr is set to shake up the bikini stakes this Summer 2015 and become a serious competitor to last year’s favourite, Triangl Swimwear. With beauties like Jesinta Campbell and Elyse Knowles rocking their bikinis all over Instagram, Zulu and Zephyr are set to grow a huge follow count. Check out their latest creative range made for ‘the sun, the salt and the sea.’

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August Style Inspiration














Winter Boots

The hardest part of Winter is not braving the cold, but finding the perfect winter boots! Here are a selection of my favourite winter boots from ankle to thigh high and from flats to heels. Check out my Polyvore collection of Top 100 Boots for some inspiration. Meanwhile I’m still on the hunt for my perfect pair!

April Style Inspiration











Fuse Gelnamel

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Shellac nail polish is something I have been obsessing over for about a year now. I could never go back to normal nail polish after my DIY at home shellac manicure lasts me over two weeks without any chips!

I have recently found a new contraption which is even easier and faster than shellac/gel polish as it doesn’t require you to use a base or top coat!

Its called Fuse Gelnamel. The first Gelnamel on the market from SensatioNail is very cheap. You can get a starter kit including a FUSE gel lamp, gel cleanser, gelnamel, cleansing wipes and a nail buffer for only $49.99! You can plug the LED gel lamp into any USB port which makes it easy to apply your manicure from the power of your laptop!

All you need to do is cleanse your nail with the wipes provided then slap on one coat of your favourite colour, wait 30 seconds and your nail is complete! It saves so much time and if your like me who enjoys changing your nail colour every week to suit your outfit for the weekend, Fuse is perfect!

Enjoy a fast and week-long manicure with Fuse’s cute colour range including Lights, Camera, Reaction!, Inten-So-Fly, Sonic Blue-M, Elec-tric or Treat and many more.

Visit their Instagram and YouTube channel for more information and video tutorials!


Triangl Underwear

With over 40,000 followers on Instagram before their official launch, Triangl Underwear has become the most exciting news since their extremely successful swimwear range.

Launching this morning, Triangl has released two styles in six beautiful colours; tangerine, spearmint, champagne coral, marshmallow, candy pink and licorice. Choosing which set to purchase from the new underwear line is sure to be a hard decision but with pricing as cheap as under $60 and international shipping, why not buy both and in all colours!

Triangl has always been a hit on Instagram with over 400,000 followers on their swimwear account. They sent out care packages of their new underwear line to bloggers weeks before their official launch. With an extremely successful and stylish swimwear range, Triangl’s new underwear range is predicted to be just as satisfying among Triangl fans.

The micro mesh bra and brief set in ‘Lucie’.
(Candy Pink – $59)


The micro mesh bra and brief set in ‘Isabel’.
(Spearmint – $49)


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The Festive Season

While everyones busy rushing around completing last minute Christmas shopping, I’m feeling satisfied that I finished buying my gifts in uncrowded beach-side stores in Hawaii. With some free time on my hands now that I have finished work for the year I have found the perfect Christmas and New Years outfits online. Shop online to avoid the Christmas rush and crowded shopping malls. But be sure to check the Christmas and New Year delivery dates to order in advance and receive your outfits on time.

Here are my top 5 outfits for the festive season.

1. Bardot
The White Oragami PU Dress from Bardot is perfect to show off your summer tan. Better yet, its on sale for $80! Bardot have free express shipping for orders over $80 in Australia.

Screen Shot 2013-12-24 at 2.08.04 pm

2. Tiger Mist
The gorgeous Tahan from Big Brother AU 2013 models this equally stunning X Factor Bandage Dress ideal for New Years Eve.

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3. Esther Boutique
I couldn’t resist this cute backless peplum Lotus Romper by Cameo. Esther Boutique now offer same day delivery to Hobart customers with beautiful custom packaging. They occasionally offer discount codes on their Instagram so be sure to check it out before you make a purchase!

Screen Shot 2013-12-24 at 2.51.43 pm

4. The Iconic
If you are looking for a summery floral cocktail dress with 3 hour delivery, the Chained Dress by Keepsake is for you. The Iconic have an amazingly fast delivery service so check them out for same day delivery in Melbourne and Sydney all the way up to New Years Eve.

Screen Shot 2013-12-24 at 2.57.40 pm

5. The Enabler
The Slow Cruel Dress by Cameo, a backless halter dress, is a fitting colour for Christmas Day festivities. The Enabler offer 3 hour shipping in Sydney and free delivery over $50.

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Merry Christmas everyone!